From the initial call to Recovery Strategies, our staff begins to gather information from the client or family member for an evaluation of the person seeking treatment. Getting this information is important to the ongoing treatment planning, and appropriate placement of the client. The screening helps our team to determine eligibility the client’s individual treatment needs. During the evaluation phase, clients who are seeking assistance will be asked questions about their home environment, family structure, their substance abuse, and an array of other pertinent information needed to schedule an appointment.

The information obtained from these evaluations is used to assist the treatment team in developing an individualized treatment plan for the client.

The evaluation of the individual is helpful for developing a picture of a client’s ongoing treatment needs. It aids in evaluating the current physical and psychiatric health of the client. Through this information gathering, Recovery Strategies staff is able to find out if the client has any previous or current medical concerns, any employment issues, legal or psychiatric needs, and/or family and environmental issues that need to be addressed throughout the treatment episode.