Virtual Reality Therapy is coming in 2019 to Recovery Strategies.

Every day millions of people suffer from substance abuse disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and PTSD. Despite the importance of improving outcomes, the tools needed to treat patients are often inaccessible. Decades of research show that Virtual Reality can play a meaningful role in healthcare and Recovery Strategies, LLC aims to make VR applications widely accessible to our patients at no additional cost.

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What Patients Are Saying!

“This experience¬†had completely changed my outlook on a lot of different areas of my life while being pregnant! I’ve learned new things I never knew, and I’ve had 4 kids! Now thanks to this VR therapy I will definitely think twice when it comes to putting anything in my body, and not just drugs”

  • Female, 23 Weeks Pregnant

“This VR experience taught me things I never knew about pregnancy and encourages me more to quit. Knowing that my baby can hear, see, feel, and smell everything I’m putting into my body including drugs, makes me want to quit drugs that much more now. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it!”

  • Female, 30 Weeks Pregnant

“Wonderful! It was very relaxing and educational. Makes me want one for everyday life and for the things life throws at us. I would highly recommend this app for anyone and everyone.”

  • Female, 21 Weeks Pregnant

“Nature Treks is amazing!! My first thought was that this is just a gimmick. But after trying I want to buy me one so that I can experience this whenever I need to. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend this to other patients”

  • Male

“The initial VR experience was very beneficial to me and my fear of heights. Being able to face those fears and not be afraid is very beneficial. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing or seeking to overcome fears. Even if you’re looking for coping skills VR can help wit this. I had a very positive experience”

  • Male

“I liked the VR session. It was well explained and easy to use. I could see where this can supplement treatment!”

  • Male