The Daily Jedi

Three years ago I was in a rut with my recovery. I had been working the 12 Steps for 2 years and reading a lot but my recovery seemed to be bogged down. I could not move forward. I was at a cross roads and began to despair that I might fail to achieve a sense of emotional sobriety that I craved. The old flaws of resentment, anger and fear began to creep back in and I start to slide backwards.

At this time I stumbled on Jedi Philosophy. I read a couple of books on the subject and completed some online training. This may sound ludicrous to some but think about it, many religions and philosophies are inspired by fictional parables and legends. Story telling is part of the human psyche and indeed George Lucas was inspired by Joseph Campbell's "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" when he created Star Wars.

The Jedi Community is bigger than most people realize. We are not all Geeks and Fans but people who look to the fictional Jedi for inspiration on how to live in the real world. Some people take a Religious view of the Force in Jediism while those like myself use Jedi Philosophy to improve mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No robes, light sabres or supernatural powers necessary. Jedi Philosophy has fortified my recovery through the 12 Steps and made me a better person.

I will include the text every day that I update the Blog. I have started this to help in my recovery and to give back if it helps. I would also like people to know that Jedi Philosophy exists and can help people in all facets of their lives. Our basic idea is "World betterment through self betterment".