Spring 2017

Originally posted to my forum thread "All Day Gratitude", but with the overwhelming response of absolute 0, decided that perhaps it would have been better posted here. So here it is:

"Been dry for about a month and a half and for that I'm extemely grateful, however, the past couple of days have had a case of a "pissy" attitude. Don't know why, perhaps not enough sleep and a lot going on job wise, personally, etc... Yesterday around noon after a morning meeting, I began to get the shakes and the woozy feeling common with a hangover. Went to grab a bite to eat and that helped, but it took a while. It felt like low blood sugar, I'm fairly sure I'm approaching type II diabetes. Need to get checked-up but kind of apprehensive.

For a fleeting moment, I had the passing thought that "a cold beer" would be nice, but I quickly changed the channel in my mind.

Posting here helps!":repost: