Shine a light (or light a match)

At the end of the first day of cutting back with the painkillers. Well, taken 4 weaker ones today so thats only 32mg instead of 100 so thats something. Will stay at this for a couple of days then cut in half. Felt a little rough today, but at least no restless leg syndrome, which drove me mad if I didn't take 100mg usually.
The drink? Don't want it. Since I read that book by William Porter 3 weeks ago, which to me, perfectly explained how I got caught up in alcohol, it seems pointless to even want to drink.
Sometimes the answers fall out of the sky and change your life. Never thought it would come in the shape of a book, but it did, and not a moment too soon.
My aim, over the next few weeks? To work on relighting my soul that the alcohol put out, without me noticing over the years. Ok my matches may be a bit too damp to relight anything yet, but I'm sure as I dry out, they will too haha
I am happy tonight, in the muffled sort of way I feel any emotion these days (apart from when I feel anxiety, I feel that sharply enough at times!!). Tonight I am going to bed in my own bed, in my own bedroom, in my own flat. Two months ago, I was living in a homeless hostel, with only my whisky, my cigs, my tablets and my terror of the future to keep me company. You don't have to be an all day everyday drinker for your life to fall apart due to alcohol.