Recovery Strategies Pricing

Addiction is a devastating condition that often results in tragedy.  The single greatest barrier faced by families and addicts is the financial cost of treatment.  Expense however is not the determining factor for success.

Unfortunately there are many programs in the country who are not upfront with their costs.   The program sounds great but once the person arrives they find that the services they wanted cost extra.

The details of your treatment will depend on the recommendation of your physician. Patients will pay a monthly fee*, which includes intake, assessment, physician, accu-detox sessions, multiple group meetings available, nutrition education, exercise regimen, addiction free pain management, and 24 hour help line.

No Surprise Policy

Our goal is to provide affordable drug rehabilitation for everyone. In order to make treatment more affordable we offer a flat rate which covers the entire monthly program.

Choosing The Right Rehab

If cost is not the determining factor of successful treatment then what is?  The goal of the Recovery Strategies Program is to enable the individual the ability to live life free from the effects of drug or alcohol addiction.

The Recovery Strategies program delivers treatment for a cost less than other typical programs.  If the cost of admission is still your main concern please consider this:

We try hard to offer financial arrangements which can fit into any budget

Before you decide that you can’t afford our program please speak to one of our admissions counselors to find out if there is an option for you.

Recovery Strategies utilizes a unique program designed to handle the underlying causes of addiction.  The program uses licensed and certified medical and clinical personnel to deliver successful programs.

The licensed medical director and staff are always on call and safety is a top priority.



*NOTE The membership fee does not cover the cost of any medications.