March 2017

have some fears for my health. its not easy getting to be 67..have fought cancer twice in my time and won.. fear this is something else.. weakness in legs and pain in feet and upper thigh.. but the lump in the small intestine is the hardest to deal with .. it moves. thought at first it was something I should not have eaten. and then it spammed a bit. hit the trail to the potty and look out below.. have to try and laugh a bit.. gas belching and gas. and never trust the gas.. tummy not good .. it has gone from the right side to the left in a week. feels like it wants to pull me over to the ground at times.... this is the only safe place to voice this...... the bleching makes me sleepy... tastes like I have had to much in meds for a cold... know that my flora and fawna are again off balance.. God please help me... ardy