March 2017

I am hoping to feel more positive in the coming months. Things started going poorly toward the end of 2016. The good news is I have not drank. I am getting near to my 5 year sobriety date in late April. It is hard to believe I have not relapsed this time. I was a chronic relapse type of person. A few months off and then back to it for a while, over and over for many years. I don't want to die passed out drunk. Who knows what will get me, but I intend not to be drunk when it happens. At least that is my intention, one day a time. So, I will close wishing everyone still suffering from whatever substance or behavior they are addicted to... good, positive thoughts. Never give up, keep trying over and over if you stumble. Sooner or later you will overcome the beast. Just keep in mind, it is not for a set period of time one intends to stay sober, it is for the duration.
Take care