Day Six – Score!

So here are 20 bonuses that I've scored these past 6 days of sobriety:

1) No hangover.
2) Wake up early.
3) Patience.
4) Healthier skin.
5) Energy.
6) Love for myself.
7) Balancing the day's events.
8) Awareness of others' feelings.
9) Strength.
10) Sense of accomplishment.
11) Eyes are brighter and whiter.
12) No liver or pancreas pain.
13) No back pain.
14) More time in the day.
15) Less drama.
16) Eating healthy.
17) Able to recognize my weaknesses.
18) Regular yoga routine.
19) Staying hydrated.
20) Forgiving myself.

Nights are tough, wine is on my mind constantly. My cravings start around 5:00, but I keep busy. I get heart palpitations when it enters my thoughts or sight, wine is everywhere, and I start to get a stomach ache like I'm missing someone. It helps me to look back the past 6 days to really take a look at my accomplishments. I still want wine, I still crave wine, I still have thoughts that slip into my head where I find myself making excuses to have wine. NOPE! Not gonna do it! So there, Merlot.