Day Five – I Could Use a Drink

Hey there whoever is experiencing the same. I'm not really wanting to write today, although I made a promise to myself that I would be committed to writing a daily blog on how this is playing out. So here is a lame daily blog...

I woke up at 7:00 am and started my day with a smile and lots of energy. My favorite part of my day; having a really fun conversation with a new girlfriend I met here in Washington. The worst part of my day; having to face this evening without a bottle or two of wine.

I was okay today, until about 6:30 pm. There are some issues at home, not that bad, but just enough to push me back to Merlot. I really want to say f*&% it. I'm not! I want to. So badly. I'm not!

I'm closing my MacBook, hitting my yoga mat, take a hot bath, loading up on my vitamins, and drinking my green tea. Merlot is not invited to this party.

I'll see you tomorrow, on my sixth sober day.