Day 4

I made it another day without a drink! NO hangover again. Went to a meeting with some wise men yesterday and it definitely helped. Last night was difficult the ah was not happy with me again for wanting to stay sober. I try to explain the long list of reasons I need to quit.. He ended up going out for a bit. I understand he is not ready to quit. I know that when I was not ready no one could tell me to. Mainly he wants to keep our old lifestyle and I can't do that and be sober. Anyways I hope things can be better between us than the last few times I tried this we fought often. I know my sponsor always said stay on your side of the street. Going to take care of business then hit a meeting this afternoon! I'm feeling better and hope to start losing a few lbs soon from the amount of calories I am not consuming from a bottle every night! Hope everyone has a good day and thanks for being here again!