Day 3

Here we go again. I've been binge drinking for about 20 years.The guilt of my lifestyle and the fact I'm not getting any younger has really caught up with me. I want to be a better parent and stay that way. I want to see my grandchildren if I ever have any. Today I have hope for the future. My main struggle is dealing with my ah. He does not like it when I stop drinking. As a matter of fact he shuts down and will hardly look at me sometimes. I know he will keep drinking. He is not ready. The emotional distance every time I try to quit for good is crazy. It just feels so darn good to not have a hangover though. I am looking forward to a meeting at noon today in town. Today my goal is to stay sober and not lose my temper with my ah. It is going to be a hot and stormy day and I will enjoy it as much as possible. I am grateful that this forum is here and that I can relate to so many experiences of frustration and hope. I want to enjoy life sober it has been way to long and I will not give up! Hope everyone has a great day!