Day 24 – Thank You, God

Yes, there are rotten things I survived so far as a human being, but I always feel blessed. I could have been born under the horrific circumstances like the Syrian civilians. I could be a parent that pulled my dead baby out from the gravel today after my government tried to blow us up. I immediately have a different perspective, I could have been dealt different cards. I could have been born in Africa and turned to prostitution just to get water for my family. I could have been born in Haiti, holding my child, sick with cholera, dying because we cannot get proper medical treatment, food, or water after the natural disasters struck. There are people suffering out there, really and truly suffering. I imagine myself in these dire situations when I get these cravings at night for something so insignificant. I feel incredibly spoiled and selfish right away. I have a home, food and water, I have a family, and we are all healthy today. Thank You, God.