Day 17 – Mary Jane

*If you have an addiction to marijuana please do not read this blog.

I smoked weed a couple times a week when I was in my twenties to about twice a year in my thirties. Now, it's different and I'm about to tell you why. First of all, I'm very mindful of marijuana addiction. I just know I'm definitely not, only alcohol :cry2

We moved to Washington state and marijuana is legal here. There are weed stores next to every convenient store pretty much, and you don't need a medical card. I wasn't educated on marijuana before we moved here, I just knew that any time I tried to smoke it as I got older, I just got paranoid and fell asleep. I definitely did not have a good time like other people around me. It probably was the fact that I was already drunk, and that didn't help, duh.

What I have learned these past several months from Bud's Garage is that 1) marijuana has hundreds of health benefits to fight against deadly diseases and the government doesn't want you to know (no I'm not some anti-government nutjob), 2) they carry hundreds of different strains to match your personality type and needs, 3) we were all born with THC receptors, 4) cannabis oil stops pain and seizures and saves lives, even children. Please feel free to Google this if you don't believe me. Now that I had learned more and more about the positives, I decided I wanted to see if there was a match for me, and there was. Bud, well his name wasn't Bud, asked me what I was looking for. I said I'm looking for something to help with my anxiety, I'm too uptight, and I don't want to be stoned out of my mind. So he gave me a strain called Indica. I only take one or two hits off a bowl in my garage, twice a week at most, but it really helps with my depression and stress. I do not do it in front of my children. I'm currently on Prozac, a manmade drug, and I have to increase my dose every couple of years (my body starts getting used to it). Prozac is not good for me after several years, there are many side effects that I'm dealing with now. I want to get off of Prozac so bad.

I'm sober from alcohol now for 17 days today, but I will still smoke pot, for life. I have not increased my intake of pot since I have been sober. I've actually had zero cravings to smoke weed because I just think how badly I'd rather have glasses of wine instead.

There are health benefits in a 4 oz glass of red wine, daily. I can't do 4 oz, I turn it into 35 oz. My point is that many people can drink a glass of Cab every night and reap the benefits, but I can't. There are many people out there who can reap the benefits of marijuana without an addiction. How is this logical that wine is at every corner store, it's legal, and it kills, but marijuana is so taboo and illegal mostly everywhere. I'm just ranting now. Are you picking up what I'm laying down, though?

Well it's 11:12, here, almost to day 18 woooo hooooo!

Nighty night :a194: