Day 0

I need to stop drinking. I have been saying that for a few years now, but I have made very minor attempts to actually do it. I really tried after I got alcohol poisoning 2 years ago, but it only lasted a week. And really a week is pretty much my record.

But I really plan to make a better effort this time. I am telling all my friends, so they won't ask me to drink with them anymore, I am going to start going to the gym so that I have something else to do with my time, and I am going to start posting on here or going to a meeting daily to keep myself focused on my recovery.

I didn't try very hard before, I felt like if I said I was quitting then I would do it, on willpower alone, but I accept that this won't go away if I ignore it. I have to work. And so I am going to work.

This is day 0.