Coming up to Five Months Sober.

And life couldn't be better. I look and feel fantastic. Along with taking much better care of myself, I'm practicing mindful meditation. It's helping me find a level of peace I haven't felt in decades. Almost like being a kid again. You know that sort of 'tickling' feeling you get right in the middle of your body when happy? I feel like that almost non-stop. I am excited to wake up each day, and when the inevitable bad things happen, I feel I'm quicker to get past them.
Work has been much more rewarding (go figure) and it's apparently showing to my boss for I got a (small) promotion last week. The stress is so much easier to handle, and my brain actually feels *on* while at work, vs. the usual hazy, fuzzy mess it was while I nursed an ongoing, 10 year hangover.
Life. Is. Good. Each day is a blessing and I'm eternally grateful for my sobriety. It's so good. So, so, so good.