So it looks like it only took me 1 year to wreck my life with dxm instead of 10 years with alcohol - that's because even a super idiot can't look at chugging a bottle of cough medicine and throwing it on the side as anything other than a really pathetic cry for help.

This is it for me I'm done.

You know maybe I'm not the hero of my story maybe life is boring maybe normal things are boring, maybe I deserve a reward for it being Friday how can I msk this better?????????????

What the **** is wrong with me?

It's like I'm trying to destroy my life. Reality used to be a friend of mine - we'll get ready to be together again. Reality here I come.

I had a heart attack for gods sake!
Do I want to die? Do I?
Do I?

I think Kevin would be sad
Josh would get over it. Allison. But Kevin would be sad. Very sad.

Need to make a change. I need help. Someone please help me.