I woke up today. I went down to see my sponsor. So much of life is just meeting with mentors or sponsors. That went well.
We talked about loving people for who they are and just be at peace with life. Life on lifes terms. I made my
magnificant purpose which is to make 999 Billion dollars on Jan 1st 2026. I will be connected with awesome people and awesome athletes.
I will wear brooks brothers outfits and be awesome. The theme song for the Kansas Jayhawks really pumped me up and inspired me.
You have to cultivate the sensitity to be inspired. You have to cultivate, hone, and increase your inspiration everyday. Find photos
shows, and music that moves you. It can be good or bad. Some things may **** you off, but if it gets your butt moving use it! I strive to help my
family in anyway I can. In the peace that I bring or the money I can bring. I try to be always be someone that anyone can talk to without judgement. I want to be in great shape. Good energy good inspired actions. Massive massive action to stay sober and help other people. Massive action to bring value to other peoples lives. I am a full and fullfilled man as I am right now. I am here to help others.