Every night before I go to sleep I like to type something up that I can read in the morning. It is usually something to the effect of....."your mind is going to play games with you today, focus on your breathing, it is just a game. You winning the game depends on you just breathing and getting through whatever situation you are put in." I also write down what I want to focus on. I want to focus on making 999 billion dollars and becoming physically and mentally fit. I have a vision with me being lean and mean. Giving a Tedx talk. I would love to help people have hope through depression, being poor, being fat, and being alone. That is what I am coming out of. I am alone, fat, broke, but I have the internet and books. I also have the ability to take massive action. I know there will be setbacks. My entire life has been a setback. Everyday I can get tougher, meaner, and stronger.

I believe there is a correlation between Hard Work working out. Hard Work on your diet and hard work at work. They are all tied together. If you work out hard that will*
spill over to your work life. If you work hard at work you will work hard when you work out. You have to have the will to win. Will yourself to do things
that make you successful. Will yourself to go farther dig deeper embrace the pain embrace the suffering. More pain more gain. More pain more growth. Growth*
is happiness. You have pain...pain will turn to growth and growth will turn into happiness. Get the fundalmentals down. Praying, Encantations, packing
into the stream of life.*

You know your brain is going to zoom in and focus on what you don't have. Focus on that you are not hungover and that you are free to chase
your dreams. You can work out and focus on making money and game. You can change yourself into Jay-Z-50 CENT Tyler durden or anyone you want you just
have to start acting and thinking like them. What would Anthony Robbins do this morning. Go for a walk and say how lucky he is to be alive to have
a loving God to live in an age with all this wisdom and knowledge. What would Tyler do? He would work. Jay-Z would answer phone calls. You have to start changing
yourself into these role models or you are going to stay the same. Major Breakthrough is I was able to have 35 dollars taken out of my paycheck or a Roth 401k that is big.
I have never really talked about fuel or motivation because when you are broke and don't have any girls and that is your everyday life. You kind of have a burning
desire to get out of pain. So you work your ass off. I will have to see what happens when I do run into some money or girls or success to see how I keep the desire going.
Same thing with being lean. When you are fat as **** you do whatever it takes to get smaller when you hit rock bottom, but you have to come up with ways to keep going. People
will help you if you ask. You have to work your ass off to get your toughness up. You have to work on getting your toughness and perserverence up so when
you feel like you are sliding backwards you can dig deep and move forward and up or level out. Something future I want to do is cultivate game again.
My game is pretty weak at the moment.